Mist- in stitch

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…

….thou hast thy music too-

White barred clouds bloom the soft-dying day,

And touch the stubble- plains with rosy hues;…

John Keats – To Autumn

November days, the cusp of Autumn and Winter, mist, when the world looks mysterious and shadows loom, when frost chills the air , and goblins move across the earth…

I have had the pleasure to own two spaniels. And one day, next year maybe I shall have another dog. When you have a dog, the weather is rarely an excuse for not going out. Four times a day regular as clockwork ,along comes the mutt to say OUT NOW. Mist , damp and cold are no excuse whatsoever. And of course the dog is quite right. Once attired in waterproof trousers and jacket, wellie boots, gloves and hat I am up for it too. I learned to love the damp misty days of November when the trees drip and you can’t see more than a few yards in front of you. The earth has its own Autumn smell.

And where I go, my camera goes too. A common refrain in our home was  ” Mum, why do you have so many photos of fog and dead plants?” Well why? Because I do!

This November has been particularly misty. I found myself looking at mist in a new way, just what colour is mist, is it white, grey, or a mixture of both? But no, sometimes it is the colour of the land over which it lies. I have seen grey and white mist, but also blue, pink, orange and green mist as the sun breaks through and it begins to clear… and so the need to stitch mist took hold of me.

Lessons having been learned- plan and think things through first!! I made my moodboard.

25.11.2014 016

I lived with these images, I drove through mist, I walked through mist and finally I painted mist from a photograph I had taken through the undergrowth


26.11.14 001

Next I painted up my fabric and began to stitch , very much a work in progress

26.11.14 004

Still stitching, I will share progress next week. all comments and helpful thoughts are really appreciated.

Linking to Lola for stitching project



5 thoughts on “Mist- in stitch

  1. I love the process you went through to create this piece! I find the mist so evocative and full of mystery and quiet. You’ve done a beautiful piece of work! Congratulations on your blog, I am so happy to have you along!


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