#52 handmade tags- 9

The brief for tag 9 was to back the tag with a letter/ handwriting, then add fabric and something that had been gifted to you.

Bits and pieces assembled in my tin ready for work.

I love the thinking and planning stage so much. This tag really began with the fragment of a letter from a friend. The letter was on very pretty paper with a floral design down the right hand side. The segment I choose was where she was writing about her dog Trufffle and all the walks she took him every day- this put me in mind of a button which I think I had been gifted, or I may have bought it myself from the Knitting and Stitching show, as I am push over for any purveyor of buttons.

The fabric includes a couple of pieces I was certainly given by a lady I once worked with, and some leftover from the stitchbook and some off cuts of the mountain block I sent to Kate for her Teal it to the Mountains quilt.

So even if the button doesn’t count as gifted the fabric does for sure.

Stitched and looking ok.
Lace ( from a charity shop) and button added.
Little dog in place.

I dedicated this tag to all the dogs that I meet on my walks, and all the owners who let me stroke them and have a chat- they have made Lockdown so much better.

Author: nanacathy2

We recently moved house to Wiltshire to be closer to family. This means I have a lovely new area to explore and being retired time to enjoy my family, the garden, walking, reading, crafting, history and life in general.

3 thoughts on “#52 handmade tags- 9”

  1. a lovely use of different elements ^^
    I’ve got some scotty dog buttons in my stash a bit like yours . . . another one who can’t resist an interesting button ^^


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