The Floral Page

I had joyfully volunteered to make a page for Wild Daffoil’s floral book, to raise money for charity. I was sent a page on which a floral picture had been applied to side one- I was to do side two. Oh it was so very very pretty- all in pink with real twigs down the side- I was going to have to up my game.

Time for some thinking- time for my big girl’s pants. I thought of foxgloves and delphiniums and lupins and daffodils and none seemed right to me. I slept on it. Now I don’t think it is a coincidence but at the time I was reading Birdsong about WW1. When I woke in the morning it was obvious that I had to do a poppy field in a heart- this whole project had begun a few years ago with Sawdust Hearts, a project by Helen Birmingham, in which both Sandra (aka Wild Daffodil) and I had both made hearts, as had many others who went onto make a stitchbook and join Sandra in the extra pages books.

So off I went

First steps

Blue fabric from a piece I had bought from wherever, and some green which I had made well at sometime in the dim and distant. Anchor with bondaweb and some random stitches.

French knots galore

Satin stitches for bigger poppies in the foreground and for the trees on the skyline, some beads for a bit of glitz and a bird- hope it look s a bit dove like to symbolise peace.

I added a tag, using leftover fabric from the sawdust heart I had made and a postcard which I had made a few years back which seemed to fit in perfectly.

And I added these lines to the tag, which had inspired my sawdust heart.

For once I am actually pleased with how it all turned out, and I was delighted that Sandra liked it too. Have to wear the big girls pants more often I guess!

Author: nanacathy2

We recently moved house to Wiltshire to be closer to family. This means I have a lovely new area to explore and being retired time to enjoy my family, the garden, walking, reading, crafting, history and life in general.

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