The weeks just slip by, something I realise as the tags go by. Here are my latest ones.

Tag on a tag on a tag.

I had to improvise with this one. We were supposed to make three tags , Big one on the bottom, smallest on top. Only I didn’t have tags that would fit, hence the need to improvise. Above is my top layer, under this…

A pale greeny layer with large sequin, hopefully looking like a moon. And under this..
An image leftover from card making.

Because apart from anything else my ring of tags is getting very bulky.

If you go back to the First picture, hopefully you see the moon peaking out of the side. Next up


I didn’t like this one at all. Over fiddly. I wish I’d put them further up the fabric rather than as instructed down the bottom. The gold seemed like a good idea but was ultra hard to use. However I did get to use some of the leftover fabric from the Stitchbook project.

Cross stitch using toning threads.

Disappointed with this one, too much toning? Sad thing is I love this fabric… Flower fairies, leftover from a dress for Little Miss F back in the day.

Fireworks for bonfire night.

I liked doing this one, and it turned out better than expected. The background fabric was dyed by yours truly over twenty years ago and is nearly all gone. Oh dear.

I really enjoy these tags. A little bit of creativity each week, small enough to be doable in spite of everything life has thrown at me, and I have written something on the back of each one dedicated to people, or an event, or something I was grateful for as I stitched.

Right on with the next one, which is going to require some more improvisation.

Author: nanacathy2

We recently moved house to Wiltshire to be closer to family. This means I have a lovely new area to explore and being retired time to enjoy my family, the garden, walking, reading, crafting, history and life in general.

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