The Stitchbook- Kunin Felt

I am still very much in catch up with the stitchbook project. Whilst others are putting the finishing touches to the covers, I am slowly working my way through the last boxes and having fun. The pressure to be done by October is off as is the Knitting and Sticthing Show in November where they were going to be displayed. 2021 here they come.

This is the next box I tackled.

It’s all about making flowers by melting felt over a tea light. First cut a circle then cut into it to create petals, hover over a flame, moving it all the time.

A mock up of how the page will be .

All melted.

You can also melt holes. Not sure what to do with those now. I tried to melt the off cuts, it didn’t work. And if by any chance you drop one into the flame all that happens is you get a piece of felt covered in wax and the flame goes out.

So that’s my first sample all ready to be stitched on the page.

Sample two is to make a collage

I saw a garden gate and a cottage garden.

Not quite sure what I make of this- I did enjoy it a lot, but the felt is hard to come by as it has apparently become very popular, so I won’t be using it gain for a while at least.