The weeks just slip by, something I realise as the tags go by. Here are my latest ones.

Tag on a tag on a tag.

I had to improvise with this one. We were supposed to make three tags , Big one on the bottom, smallest on top. Only I didn’t have tags that would fit, hence the need to improvise. Above is my top layer, under this…

A pale greeny layer with large sequin, hopefully looking like a moon. And under this..
An image leftover from card making.

Because apart from anything else my ring of tags is getting very bulky.

If you go back to the First picture, hopefully you see the moon peaking out of the side. Next up


I didn’t like this one at all. Over fiddly. I wish I’d put them further up the fabric rather than as instructed down the bottom. The gold seemed like a good idea but was ultra hard to use. However I did get to use some of the leftover fabric from the Stitchbook project.

Cross stitch using toning threads.

Disappointed with this one, too much toning? Sad thing is I love this fabric… Flower fairies, leftover from a dress for Little Miss F back in the day.

Fireworks for bonfire night.

I liked doing this one, and it turned out better than expected. The background fabric was dyed by yours truly over twenty years ago and is nearly all gone. Oh dear.

I really enjoy these tags. A little bit of creativity each week, small enough to be doable in spite of everything life has thrown at me, and I have written something on the back of each one dedicated to people, or an event, or something I was grateful for as I stitched.

Right on with the next one, which is going to require some more improvisation.

Tags 28-32

Tag 28-Spiders wheels

I enjoyed this tag, all about the stitch. The top one was a woven one, sadly I spotted a mistake, but never mine. I prefer the bottom one which is wrapped.

Tag 29-using the scraps

The idea if this tag was to create texture using the threads leftover in a needle and saved. I thought it looked messy on the video and could see bits falling off, so I trapped my threads under a piece of net. It lacks the texture so I added french knots. Quite like the result.

Tag 30-a wearable tag.

Brief was to make a tag to wear and take a picture wearing it. I knew I wouldn’t wear it so the safety pin is really just to show willing.
Showing willing.

Tag 31-Bling.

Adding more and more gold. Great fun to do but we have done a similar one before.

Tag 32-Lazy Daisy Stitch.

I loved this tag. I write something about the week that has gone by on the back of each tag, already I am enjoying reading them back. I wanted this one to be very pretty, as my grand daughter Baby P was born this week.

These tags are created following videos made by Anne Brookes. They are on you tube, #52hannemadetags, and on Instagram and Facebook.

#52 handmade tags-14

A memory, a pocket and a treasure! The brief for this tag was to think of somewhere or something we had missed during lockdown, make a tag with a pocket and add a treasure to go in the pocket.

One thing I really wanted to do last Summer and didn’t because our house move was delayed in lockdown one, and then we were occupied with just settling in with limited open shops for things like curtain rails, was strawberry picking. There is a particularly good strawberry farm in Swindon that I really wanted to go to and just didn’t. This year I will. I also missed going round beautiful gardens , mostly due to needing to book slots. So my tag was going to reflect both of these dreams.

Assembling the bits and bobs

I had no idea what to do about a treasure to do with picking strawberries, but a rummage through my jewellery boxes yielded up the smiley badge. No idea where it came from, but a smiley badge seemed to reflect what the strawberry picking and garden visiting made me feel.

Starting to stitch

The green bias binding at the top was leftover from the Stitchbook. Took care of fraying edges.

Strawberry beads and rambling roses
Smiley face going in the pocket

Loved stitching this tag. I can just taste those strawberries warm from the plant.

#52 handmade tags- 9

The brief for tag 9 was to back the tag with a letter/ handwriting, then add fabric and something that had been gifted to you.

Bits and pieces assembled in my tin ready for work.

I love the thinking and planning stage so much. This tag really began with the fragment of a letter from a friend. The letter was on very pretty paper with a floral design down the right hand side. The segment I choose was where she was writing about her dog Trufffle and all the walks she took him every day- this put me in mind of a button which I think I had been gifted, or I may have bought it myself from the Knitting and Stitching show, as I am push over for any purveyor of buttons.

The fabric includes a couple of pieces I was certainly given by a lady I once worked with, and some leftover from the stitchbook and some off cuts of the mountain block I sent to Kate for her Teal it to the Mountains quilt.

So even if the button doesn’t count as gifted the fabric does for sure.

Stitched and looking ok.
Lace ( from a charity shop) and button added.
Little dog in place.

I dedicated this tag to all the dogs that I meet on my walks, and all the owners who let me stroke them and have a chat- they have made Lockdown so much better.

#52 Handmade Tags 5-8

I am really, really enjoying making my tags. Friday lunchtime is a time of great excitement when the latest tag from Anne Brooke is added- https://www.youtube.com/c/AnneBrookeTextileArtist

After watching the latest instalment I have a think about how I would like to make my tag. Saturday is the time for searching through my stash of fabric, threads, and assorted goodies.

I loved this tag (6) so much I cooldn’t stop looking at my plate of goodies.

Sunday afternoon is stitching time.

Tag five was called crosses.

Make one large cross from fabric and adorn with lots of little kisses. On the back you can dedicate your tag or use as a journal card. This tag I dedicated to the people who have worked so hard on the vaccine and to the inspirational Captain Tom, who died during the week of this tag.

Tag 6

Tag 6 and a chance to use a favourite button that is too nice to use. I love this sewing machine button- brief to adorn with more buttons.

I love the lace with this colour ribbon- I still have lots of the lace and a fragment of the ribbon left.

Tag 7

These adorable hexies are made from circles of fabric, and yes more buttons needed- I am using all the special buttons which were living in a jam jar, which is no life for a button.

Tag 8- french knots and bullion stitch, and time to get carried away.

Anne’s videos show her nice neat working space on a table- here’s me, sprawled all over the sofa!
Tag 8- really loved this one- this one is for my grandson who was 10 this year. When all this is over and we are allowed we are going to climb a great big hill and celebrate with a big shout.
All four together.
And then there 8.