#52 Handmade tags, 12&13

Tag 12 is about exploring buttonhole stitch, which happens to be one of my favourite stitches. I wanted to make this one in celebration of my friendship with J whom I have known since I was 6 years old. It was her birthday this month. She loves, Scotland, dancing and geology. I couldn’t think of anything to stitch which fitted her first two passions, so I opted for geology.

rock layers maybe or rock pools?

Tag 13- was called Golden Layers. Time for some fun.

Turns out I am not big on gold or even yellow fabrics, but I did have this piece of orange fabric. I had used it for the sun in a piece of applique on a quilt, and it seemed to lend itself to the basis of my golden layers. Find a piece of contrasting fabric to go under it, add some lace.

Throw in a piece of Tyvek fabric and button hole the circle.
Add some more layers- covers the join quite nicely I think.
Add some bling

I really enjoyed making both these tags, and I am quite pleased with them both.