Being worried isn’t conducive to creativity. But life has eased up a little and today I was ready to begin. I’d started this piece a while ago, but wasn’t happy with it. Finally dawned on me that following and using others technique did not mean following the entire project from start to finish. If I am trying to find my voice through stitch then it necessarily follows that I need first work out what it is I want to say! DOH! So back to my mood board, looking at the pictures. Going away ,looking at different images . Coming back, choosing the ones that were calling to me. grouping them, painting, playing with words.. Snowscape finally fell into two groups. The beautiful, cold gorgeous blues and whites of a winters day and the lowering, greys and yellows in a menacing sky which say danger, snow is danger. It was the blues and whites of the perfect winter’s day which I want to react too. Back to my silk paints then for a blue blue sky. I think I need a silk painting course, the paint just seemed to seep through the fabric? Don’t know why. After much frustration I got some blue on the silk, but its not what I truly envisioned. But sometimes you just have to go with what you have got. Then I started to fold white satin for the hills, and right now I am appliqueing them to the blue sky. More to follow shortly I hope… 21.04.15 001