Boro Stitching

At the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show in 2018 I attended a workshop on boro stitching. I finally got round to completing the pieces from the class. The first is the one I was working on in Harrogate, the other two I did at home.

I found all the layers hard to stitch through, especially the cotton fabric which was quite dense. Initially it bothered me that I couldn’t stitch in a straight line, but then I relaxed and it no longer mattered.

The brown bit of fabric reminded me of a sail, so I tried to create a sea for my boat. I added the lines of red to lift the piece.

This final piece is what was leftover. I had by now run out of thread from the workshop, but I had some left on a card from a cross stitch kit which were just the perfect colours.

I really enjoyed stitching these little scraps and making some mini art. I love the way the fabric ripples. The exercise was just what I needed to encourage me to work on the Stitchbook project.

Have you tried boro stitching? Did you enjoy it?