Finding courage!

December and January were very hard months for me in many ways, but mostly about worrying over close family. Worry is not conducive to creativity, and I lost courage in expressing myself through stitch. I found myself doubting that hedgerows and grass banks in mist looked as I felt they did.

February is a new place. Worry has been given over to waiting. I wait for news on so many fronts.

I have walked.

I have walked alongside hedgerows and grass banks in mist. My eyes had not deceived me.

I found my cloth and added some more stitches. I feel better.I will stitch more. I will not be so hard on myself.

10.2.15 002

The snow from winter has given me an idea for new stitching.  I found some old fabric paints today, but did not get the results I strove for. I have placed an order for new silk paint.

I will use today’s cloth for something else. Nothing will be wasted.

10.2.15 006