Dorset Buttons

Dorset buttons are such fun to make. All you need is some thread and a curtain ring. The curtain ring is covered in perle thread buttonhole stitch, then you weave into the ring. French knots in embroidery silk are then added. I have mounted the one I made last week onto the silk background and made a Mother’s Day card.

9.3.15 002


I have been having a long hard think about why I am on this journey to discover my voice through stitch. It is not about faithful representations or fancy new products, it is an attempt to say in stitch how I feel about what moves me.

I love lavender, the smell , the texture and oh the sight. There are two lavender farms close by which I love to visit, the headiness of it all. I just had to try to capture this joy in a Dorset Button. Backed with a brooch fastening, this will now be a gift for a dear friend.

9.3.15 003

And whilst I was stitching the idea of sunflowers came to mind, the sheer exuberance of those magnificent yellow blooms.

Meantime I have put some silk onto a frame ready for painting.


Flowers and Dorset Buttons

I have added more flowers to my moss felt. TheĀ  felt was made by wet felting,then adding texture by raising certain sections with stuffing, then needle felting to give it a firmer surface to embroider into.

ellerburn Feb 15 040

And more chain stitch.

ellerburn Feb 15 041

I think I need to leave it alone now, so hard to decide when a piece is finished.

ellerburn Feb 15 039

So now I am playing with Dorset Buttons. This idea from the Stitch magazine.

ellerburn Feb 15 038

I like it placed against the silk I painted last week.

Love to read your comments and feedback. Have a lovely Sunday.