More on marks.

I borrowed this rather good book from the library.

It ties in very nicely with the mark making sketchbook I am stitching.

It includes where to find inspiration and examples of stitching. I love these parallel lines.

And spirals. One of the exercises it suggests is to analysise the things which draw you to them when you take photos.

I love the circles too.

This is free machine embroidery.

So I had a look at some of the photos I had taken in the last few weeks.

Look at the petals and how they radiate from the centre.

A simple buttercup

Undoubtably circles are important to me, but then so are lines

Burnt post spotted on a recent walk, I love the texture of the wood

And this jumble of items I walked past- it was the ladder and the fence which caught my attention.

Giving me food for thought. What I wonder gives others food for thought. Do please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.