#52 Handmade Tags 5-8

I am really, really enjoying making my tags. Friday lunchtime is a time of great excitement when the latest tag from Anne Brooke is added- https://www.youtube.com/c/AnneBrookeTextileArtist

After watching the latest instalment I have a think about how I would like to make my tag. Saturday is the time for searching through my stash of fabric, threads, and assorted goodies.

I loved this tag (6) so much I cooldn’t stop looking at my plate of goodies.

Sunday afternoon is stitching time.

Tag five was called crosses.

Make one large cross from fabric and adorn with lots of little kisses. On the back you can dedicate your tag or use as a journal card. This tag I dedicated to the people who have worked so hard on the vaccine and to the inspirational Captain Tom, who died during the week of this tag.

Tag 6

Tag 6 and a chance to use a favourite button that is too nice to use. I love this sewing machine button- brief to adorn with more buttons.

I love the lace with this colour ribbon- I still have lots of the lace and a fragment of the ribbon left.

Tag 7

These adorable hexies are made from circles of fabric, and yes more buttons needed- I am using all the special buttons which were living in a jam jar, which is no life for a button.

Tag 8- french knots and bullion stitch, and time to get carried away.

Anne’s videos show her nice neat working space on a table- here’s me, sprawled all over the sofa!
Tag 8- really loved this one- this one is for my grandson who was 10 this year. When all this is over and we are allowed we are going to climb a great big hill and celebrate with a big shout.
All four together.
And then there 8.