Into the sunset

I have been stitching  from the Texture pack from the Stitchbook project.

Sample 2b involved waiting for some white fibres to dry, so I set to on sample 3. This sample was about trapping yarns behind a piece of tulle and stitching into them. The yarn to be used could come from stash or that which was left over from the previous sample ( my homage to heather). I had used most of it already,

not a lot remained. I wanted to use all of it, but where was inspiration coming from?

I had three pieces of tulle to choose between. I had already decided to not use the black or blue but to go for the beige. However,Helen of Untangled Threads  ( link here) advocated that we take each piece of tulle and see what happens to the fibres, so I did. Oh my goodness, what a big difference. I didn’t use the beige, I opted instead for using both the blue and the black tulle. It was like a penny dropping ! I found the half felt ball I had left and a pinkish piece of felt.

I had been disappointed with my first inclusion sample as I made the stitches too neat and small. Big and bold this time.

Add the yarn and the tulle, I think you can just see that I used the blue and the black. Stitches include, spiders web, fern stitch, running stitch, stab stitch, couching, rice stitch and bullion knots.

And as I stitched, evening drew in, and nature followed stitcher.

Here are my two samples together on the page.


I have enjoyed stitching these two so much. Just got my fluffy white threads sample and that will be it till October. Can’t wait.



Untangled Threads- Texture

My first parcel for the Stitchbook Collective arrived last week. The topic for the month is Texture. Nine small pieces to stitch and mount on a page.

The first three, were quite straightforward. Bullion knots, a kind of arrow head and a spiral with different threads to stitch with or couch down.

The next three were freer to stitch and hence more fun, a chance for self expression. First one is adding layers of fabric and stitching into them, couldn’t resist stitching seed heads and constructing a fence. The next was laying down threads and trapping them with netting, then stitching them. The third was making a hole and filling it with half a felt ball.

The final three are a loopy stitch, which made lovely flowers, spiders web and making a hole and filling it with another piece of fabric.

At this point this was my favourite.

Onto stitching  them onto a single piece of calico before sewing them to the page.

That’s my finished page. I had a problem with the flet ball, as I had made the buttonhole edging too small and you couldn’t see the stitches, so I added more.

And although I love it , this is my favourite now.

A thoroughly enjoyable exercise. If you would like to try this, the pack is available from Helen Birmingham at Untangled Threads